The MHC statewide health information network will help you better manage your health care and get the best quality of care from your healthcare providers.


If you want to be part of a transformative effort to improve the quality of healthcare for your patients, join our statewide and regional Health Information Network (HIN).


MHC offers a wide range of services that help the health care providers make more informed treatment decisions, especially in case of emergencies.

Participating Health Care Organizations

Midwest Health Connection (MHC) is one of the largest health information exchange (HIE) networks in the country with more than 28+ million electronic patient health records from across the Midwest. MHC’s health data exchange services support the entire health care ecosystem, including health care providers, payors, State/Federal agencies and other health care stakeholders by providing complete and accurate patient electronic health records in real-time. This enables those within the health care delivery system to transform care delivery through better coordination of care, informed clinical decision making, reducing preventable errors and avoiding treatment duplication. No matter where a patient goes for treatment, patients expect their health information to be available to their treating providers.  Providers need comprehensive health records available to them to be properly informed when making care decisions.  Public health officials need access to public health data in order to properly respond and prevent health care emergencies.  MHC fulfills these expectations and needs for the health care community by connecting each of these health care stakeholders to our network and enabling the sharing of electronic health data throughout the MHC network.

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