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About Midwest Health Connection (MHC)

Midwest Health Connection (MHC) is one of the largest health information exchange (HIE) networks in the country with more than 28+ million electronic patient health records from across the Midwest. MHC’s health data exchange services support the entire health care ecosystem, including health care providers, payors, State/Federal agencies and other health care stakeholders by providing complete and accurate patient electronic health records in real-time. This enables those within the health care delivery system to transform care delivery through better coordination of care, informed clinical decision making, reducing preventable errors and avoiding treatment duplication. No matter where a patient goes for treatment, patients expect their health information to be available to their treating providers.  Providers need comprehensive health records available to them to be properly informed when making care decisions.  Public health officials need access to public health data in order to properly respond and prevent health care emergencies.  MHC fulfills these expectations and needs for the health care community by connecting each of these health care stakeholders to our network and enabling the sharing of electronic health data throughout the MHC network.

As a national leader in the HIE market, MHC specializes in data normalization and robust data exchange. MHC serves as an unbiased, vendor agnostic, trusted health information technology solution that provides an advanced technological framework enabling access to comprehensive electronic patient records across multiple data sources in real-time.  As interoperability specialist in clinical and claims data exchange, MHC has connected hundreds of disparate data sources including health care providers, regional, state and national HIEs, health plans, and accountable care organizations (ACOs).  As the Midwest gateway, MHC is a nationally identified HIE gateway in the CMS supported Patient Centered Data Home initiative, facilitating the exchange of clinical information across the country by connecting to more than 40 other HIEs.  Additionally, MHC is also connected to Veterans Administration and the Department of Defense.

MHC’s mission focuses on quality patient care, improving health outcomes, innovations to improve efficiencies and reducing costs for our Participants.  Members of MHC’s HIE network receive innovative, cost effective strategic services that provide a return on investment by transforming the delivery of care.

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What We Do: Data Exchange & More

MHC is the...

CONNECTOR: a single community connection to bridge and connect health care systems private HIEs, independent community providers, and health plans.

HUB: serve as an unbiased community data trustee of health information.

DATA AGGREGATOR: provide a comprehensive electronic patient record across multiple data sources.


Promoting Interoperability/Meaningful Use: Provides attestation services for our participants.

Services & Data

MHC services enable our participants to utilize tools that are meaningful and actionable.

- Clinical Document Exchange                                            - Direct Secure Messaging

- Alert Notifications                                                               - Public Health Reporting

- Business Continuity Planning                                          - Many new services to come

The data collected and stored in a patient health record through the MHC network gives providers vital patient history to ensure the best quality of care is given.

Data collected:

- Patient Demographics                                                 - Lab Results

- Allergies                                                                         - Encounter

- Problem lists                                                                 - Image Reports

- Diagnoses                                                                      - Immunizations

- Medications                                                                  - Patient Consent (Opt-In)


Network & Connections

The data MHC collects is updated by our Participants and providers to construct a more complete health record. MHC Participants include:

- 75+ hospitals (4 largest health systems in MO)         - 25 post-acute care facilities

- 350+ Clinics/Physician Practices                                 - Accountable Care Organizations

- 13 federally qualified health centers                          -  Care Management Organizations

- 50 behavioral health facilities                                     - Health Plans (Commercial,                                                                                                                                                                               Medicare,Medicaid)

- Long-term care facilities                                              - Skilled Nursing Facilities


MHC is partnered with:

- Missouri Hospital Association & HIDI             - Missouri Primary Care Association

- DHHS                                                                     - VA

DOD                                                                       - ONC

- HRSA                                                                     - CMS

Interoperability, EHR and HIT challenges?

Contact MHC today and find out how we can provide services to help.

MHC can:

  • Provide legislative monitoring services
  • Coordinate members together to facilitate problem solving
  • Leverage the MHC memberships needs to obtain additional funding support for HIT for MHC’s Participants

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