The Midwest Health Connection Board of Directors represent an outstanding group of dedicated health care leaders from across Missouri including members from state government, private health care organizations, physicians, professional organizations and consumer advocacy groups. All board members have contributed significant time and effort into the development and implementation of the Midwest Health Connection.

John Conroy

MHC Board Chair

Deborah Gash

MHC Treasurer

Dr. Louis Krenn

MHC Board Member

Noelle King-Whitlow

MHC Board Member

Erin Stamm

MHC Vice Chair

Herb Kuhn

MHC Board Member

Samuel Joseph

MHC Board Member

Dr. Keith Woeljte, MD

Nominating & Governance

Dr. Karen E. Edison

MHC Board Member

Kasey Lucas

MHC Board Member

Mike Paasch

MHC Secretary

Brian Colby

MHC Board Member

Brent McGinty

MHC Board Member
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