Electronic Health Record (EHR):  Health records that are stored using computers instead of paper.

Health Care Provider:  An individual or organization who provides medical or health services to consumers; any person or organization who is paid for health services or supplies in the normal course of businesses.

Health Information or Health Record:  Information about a patient’s past health care such as dates of doctors’ visits; illnesses; dates and types of surgeries; medicines taken; lab tests and treatments.

Health Information Network (HIN):  A system that connects patients, doctors, hospitals, labs and other health care providers and organizations to provide electronic access to critical health information.  An HIN is sometimes referred to as a Health Information Exchange or HIE.

Health Information Technology (HIT):  The electronic systems health care professionals and patients use to store, share and analyze health information.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA):  The 1996 federal law, which addresses several issues related to health care and health insurance, including the security and privacy of health data.

InterSystems Corporation:  A global leader in health information software for connected care, with a track record of success in developing and supporting health information networks in other states and countries.  As Missouri Health Connection’s technology partner, Intersystems is providing the technology foundation for the MHC network.

Missouri Health Connection (MHC):  The state-designated entity to oversee the development and management of a statewide health information network to improve patient care and public health, reduce costs and empower consumers.

Opt Out:  If a patient decides s/he does not want their health information included in the MHC network, s/he must complete an official form.  Opting out means health care providers would not be able to access a patient’s health records, even in an emergency.

MHC Participant or Participating Organization:  A health care provider or organization that exchanges health information through the MHC network.  All participants sign agreements to abide by the obligations and responsibilities set forth by MHC.

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