Why Join The Midwest Health Connection?

Midwest Health Connection (MHC) connects health care providers in the Midwest with their patients via a secure health information network. As more health care providers move from paper-based medical records to electronic health record (EHR) systems, MHC is working to make sure that all providers can exchange information with each other through one secure network. The connectivity services provided by MHC are designed to support all healthcare provider organizations, from the largest multi-hospital health system to a solo-physician practice.

A key component to MHC’s success is its ability to connect with all certified EHR systems. This is in contrast to some health information networks that limit connectivity and services by requiring the use of software from a specific vendor. MHC’s vendor-neutral approach connects a broad array of health systems, users, and applications, which elevates the volume and value of information within the network while making truly comprehensive electronic health records possible.

Unique services provided by MHC include connectivity to state agency data, such as:

-Medicaid (DSS)
-Eligibility status
-Claims and clinical data returned on query
-Public health (DHSS)
-Syndromic surveillance
-Immunization registry
-Public health electronic lab reporting
-Disease registry

MHC will serve as a connection to Sequoia Project (a national health information exchange platform) for participants and provides data sharing agreements for connectivity with border states.

MHC can allow electronic notifications to alert physicians about important events such as when their patients are admitted to the hospital, receive care in an out-of-town emergency, or obtain important test results from referring physicians and more. Continuity of care documents (CCDs) can be securely exchanged between health providers to reduce redundant medical tests and to ensure that patients receive the appropriate care based on their medical history. MHC currently processes more than 125,000 electronic transactions per day to help healthcare providers improve operational efficiency and deliver the highest quality, most cost-effective care.

HIE Report Card

The following Health Information Exchange (HIE) report card is meant to illustrate the status of MHC in a variety of categories, in direct comparison to a sampling of other public HIEs. While no HIE is exactly the same as another, these sustainable and successful HIEs represent a cross section of the nation's best interoperability platforms in scoring categories that are important to the industry.

The information received and scored covered internal and external relationships; such as being a member of Patient Centered Data Home initiative, which MHC is one of four national gateways, the number of clinics and hospital members, and the population of the Enterprise Master Patient Index. In developing and compiling the data, which was received directly from the HIEs, we had no preconceived notion where MHC would rank and were obliged to report whatever the findings indicated.


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