Midwest Health Connection Announces Affiliation with Velatura HIE Corporation, Creating one of the Largest HIE Service Organizations in the U.S.

The consolidated HIE service connects more than 1,300 healthcare organizations and expands services for members of the MHC network.

Columbia, MO, Wednesday Jan. 6, 2021 – The Midwest Health Connection (MHC) announced its affiliation with the Velatura HIE Corporation (Velatura) today indicating the affiliation was effective as of Jan. 1, 2021.  MHC reported that an extensive due diligence process was conducted and determined that Velatura was a prime strategic fit for MHC’s growth and service delivery strategy as the needs of MHC’s network members continue to develop and change.

“Partnering with Velatura allows MHC to continue to be a leader in the HIE marketplace and more importantly to elevate MHC’s service delivery solutions to the next level and provide real-time solutions in response to any public health and health data need,” said Angie Bass, Chief Executive Officer of MHC.  “This affiliation will enable interoperability advancements that will provide valuable and meaningful services to our healthcare stakeholders and members, and they deserve the highest quality service.”

As a subsidiary of Velatura, MHC will transition its operations into Velatura in order to expand its service offerings and create organizational efficiencies by consolidating operations.  With this transition, MHC’s network of members will be leading the charge to transform the delivery of health care across the Midwest. Velatura is a national leader in the HIE consulting and professional services industry.  Wrapping the MHC member network into Velatura will create one of the largest HIE service organization in the United States by connecting more than 1,300 healthcare organizations.  Velatura is backed by more than a decade of experience and deep acumen in clinical interoperability of health data with its association with the Michigan Health Information Network (MiHIN).  Utilizing the MiHIN solutions, Velatura has a proven record of success and their services and processes directly align with MHC’s mission to improve the quality of medical decision-making and coordination of care within the healthcare ecosystem.

“We could not be more excited to partner with Velatura as we work together to advance lifesaving patient information exchange in real-time, lower the cost of care for our consumers and facilitate optimum interoperability of health data throughout the Midwest,” said John Conroy, Chairman of the MHC Board of Directors and Executive Director at Mercy Health.

“Velatura is committed to ensuring MHC’s members are successful and well equipped to meet their interoperability needs,” said Tim Pletcher, DHA, CEO of Velatura and MiHIN.  “With the collective organizational strengths in the HIE landscape and the ability to tap into best in class shared services, the MHC and Velatura pairing will build out a more effective model for advancing interoperability for MHC and in the future, other HIEs across the country.”

About Velatura

Velatura Public Benefit Corporation creatively connects and aligns people, organizations, technology, ideas and information in both the public and private sectors to improve healthcare, reduce costs and to increase satisfaction of health information stakeholders in the value chain. Established in 2018, Velatura extends MiHIN’s modular and scalable interoperability products and services outside of Michigan and exclusively provides solutions to organizations needing the ability to interoperate and seamlessly share electronic information. For more information, visit www.velatura.org or at MiHIN.org

About Midwest Health Connection

MHC is a health information exchange network that provides users access to comprehensive patient electronic health records for more than 28+ million health records from across the Midwest.  MHC's services are designed to support health care providers, payors, state agencies and health care stakeholders with complete and accurate patient health records in real-time to enable the health care ecosystem to transform the health care delivery system by coordinating care, reducing preventable errors and avoiding treatment duplication.  No matter where a patient goes for care, MHC supports access to aggregated patient information to identify gaps in patient care and provide more clinical data to the health care community for enhanced clinical decision making, analysis and care coordination.

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