COLUMBIA, MO. – Missouri Health Connection (MHC) announced today
that Shirley Tyson, former Chief of Operations and Chief Technical Officer for
the Office of Health Information Technology with the Arkansas Department of Health, has joined the MHC team as the Senior Technology Director.

Tyson, an experienced leader in Health Information Technology (HIT), began
her journey in health care as a Research Associate for the Arkansas Center for
Health Improvement. She advanced in the HIT industry becoming the Chief
Operations and Technology Officer (COO/CTO) in 2010 with the Arkansas
Office of Health Information Technology. In 2017, she became the HIT
Director and CTO for the Office of Health Information Technology with the Arkansas Department of Health.

Tyson has excelled throughout her career in HIT, proving her skills and abilities can take organizations to new
heights. She has exemplified successful HIT and exchange strategic planning, technical implementations and
operations of a statewide health information exchange, and policy development to improve business outcomes
throughout her organizations. Her technology solutions have reduced operating costs and further improved
business operations.

“The longevity of HIEs are vital to the evolution of the health care system and I am excited to contribute to MHC’s
efforts. I am looking forward to working with MHC in the ever-changing HIT/HIE landscape,” says Tyson.

“Shirley’s expertise in the industry will be a great asset to the MHC team and serve our network participants very
well,” said Angie Bass, MHC’s Chief Executive Officer. “We look forward to her future with MHC to continue
building upon MHC’s success as a nationally recognized health information exchange network. Taking
advantage of Shirley’s HIE technology experience will directly benefit our members by applying additional focus
on performance and service delivery to transform the delivery of health care in the Midwest region.”

MHC provides the technological infrastructure to connect health care providers with their patients by
implementing Missouri’s only secure, state-wide health information network. With more than 80 hospitals, and
hundreds of clinics and community health centers, MHC’s network of participants deliver more than half of the
inpatient care provided in Missouri. The network enables more than 7,000 physicians to quickly and securely
access patient health records to improve care. MHC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and is governed by a
public-private board of directors. For information, visit


















































































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