Missouri Health Connection offers a range of HIE services designed to integrate more complete patient information into the care delivery of HIE participants.

MHC CARENET - Integrated Health Information Exchange

Since January 2014, MHC CareNet has been giving healthcare providers a more complete picture of a patient’s health by connecting disparate electronic health record (EHR) systems. It provides a patient’s real-time clinical comprehensive medical information at the point of care. The platform is an on demand, query-based exchange (QBE) network that gives clinicians a summary and aggregated record of patient care from all providers who uses MHC CareNet.  MHC offers global consent management of each individual patient through a master patient index that reconciles identifying information from multiple providers and systems.  MHC CareNet is a bi-directional application, one that can pull and push data, and can be fully integrated into a provider’s EHR system.


MHC CAREMAIL - Direct Secure Messaging

MHC CareMail is a web-based, secure messaging solution similar to email, but encrypted, to route care summaries, clinical notes, lab results and other protected health information in a secure, HIPAA-compliant electronic platform. It is easy to use and only requires an internet connection. MHC CareMail can also be embedded into an EHR or accessed on any mobile device for point-to-point exchange of health information. MHC is a certified Health Information Service Provider (HISP).

Some services provided via MHC CareMail are:

  • Interstate communication
  • Web-based User Interface
  • Patient referrals
  • Transmission of care summaries, clinical reports, lab results between care providers
  • Communication between healthcare providers and patient
  • Routing of documents electronically
  • Meets MU attestation criteria
  • EHR integration


MHC CAREVIEW - Web-Based Health Record Viewer

MHC CareView is a web based portal that allows clinicians with or without an electronic health record (EHR) system to view patients’ health records from all providers who use MHC CareNet.  This uni-directional platform allows providers to view health records but does not allow providers to contribute data to the patients’ health records.   It is a “view only” platform.  The consolidated record may then be printed or scanned into the provider’s EHR. Providers only need an internet connection to be able to use MHC CareView.


MHC ALERTS - Alerts and Notifications

MHC Alerts are notifications that are sent to subscribing health care providers each time their current patients have an encounter with another health care provider. The notifications include relevant patient information delivered within moments to the patient’s health provider enabling better clinical decision making and patient care.

Benefits of MHC Alerts:

  • Gives access to patient information for scheduling follow-up treatment.
  • MHC Alerts consist of clinical encounter data as well as reports and documents.MHC Alerts are quickly sent to providers or care managers for better care coordination and clinical decision support.
  • MHC Alerts are subscription based and automatically trigerred.
  • MHC Alerts are sent electronically to the health records system (EHR), DIRECT secure messaging inbox or MHC CareView portal.
  • MHC Alerts are delivered in real-time.


PUBLIC HEALTH REPORTING - Immunizations, Syndromic Surveillance and Electronic Lab Reports

MHC’s Public Health Reporting Services provides the one connection needed to provide information to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services including immunizations, syndromic surveillance, and electronic lab reports.  This connection can help meet “Meaningful Use” objectives required for incentive payments.


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