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If you’re like many Midwesteners, you’re not only managing your own health care, but that of your family members as well.   You may also be helping a friend navigate the health care system.  Or, maybe you help someone manage their health care as part of your work responsibilities.

We want your ideas on how a statewide network that allows health information to be shared with doctors and nurses quickly, privately and securely might help you.

Would it help your peace of mind to know?

  • The health records of you and your family members would be immediately accessible in an emergency situation.
  • You wouldn’t have to worry about requesting health records every time you or a loved one needs to visit a specialist or a different doctor.
  • Your records would be private, secure and only seen by your doctors and authorized caregivers rather than being mailed to the wrong place or setting on someone’s fax machine.

Those are just some of the benefits of the statewide health information network that the Midwest Health Connection (MHC) is creating.  The network will enable doctors, hospitals, and labs to access your medical information quickly and securely.

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