The MHC health information network will help you better manage your health care and get the best quality of care from your health care providers.  By connecting your doctors, hospitals and labs to each other, your care team can access your health information quickly and securely, wherever you go and whenever they need it.

As more health care providers move from paper records to electronic record systems, MHC is working to make sure they can exchange information with each other across many different systems through one secure network.  Providing your care team with a more complete picture of your health history in a timely manner means better care for you, whether you are in a doctor’s office, a hospital or an emergency room.

For more information about the value of Health Information Technology, please click here.

We have been working with representatives from the community and state government, private health care providers, legal experts  and consumer advocacy groups since 2009 to plan and implement a secure, trusted health information network for all.  MHC is committed to connecting health care providers throughout the Midwest.


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Patient Fact Sheet

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How to Give Consent to Access to Your Health Care Team

Please contact your health care provider(s) directly to give consent to access your health information through MHC. Additionally, you may contact MHC with any questions about who has access to your electronic health record.

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