Allow Your Health Care Team to Access Your Electronic Health Record

Your health care team members who are participants of Midwest Health Connection (MHC) can access your electronic health record through MHC, coordinating your care, improving quality or managing the payment for your healthcare.

As the patient, you have control over your health information. You are able to choose who is allowed to access your electronic health record through MHC. If you decide you do not want your health care team to have access to your health record through MHC, your doctors will not be able to access or view your complete health history once your consent to access is updated by your doctor or health care facility.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy Rule provides you with health information privacy rights. These include the right to:

    • See your health information
    • Know who has viewed your health information
    • Correct or change your health information
    • You can use these rights, ask questions about them, and file a complaint if you think they are being denied or your health information isn’t being protected


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Patient Fact Sheet

Patient Fact Sheet - Spanish


How to Give Consent to Access to Your Health Care Team

Please contact your health care provider(s) directly to give consent to access your health information through MHC. Additionally, you may contact MHC with any questions about who has access to your electronic health record.


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